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Bonnie is an active researcher of racial equity in institutions.  She researches and analyzes the variety of diversity initiatives in institutions for effectiveness and equity, and she actively works with institutions, departments, and individuals regarding racial equity.  

SPEAKING: Bonnie is available for speaking engagements.  Her specialty is thought-provoking, fact-based, interactive presentations that take a close look at systemic racial inequality in the United States.

WORKSHOPS: As a professional educator, Bonnie has experience working with students, faculty, and staff in both traditional (classroom) and nontraditional settings.  Workshops are a minimum of 1 1/2 hours.  Selected topics include: The History & Meaning of Race; The Connection between Wealth & Race; What White People Need to Know about Race; Difficult Conversations about Inequality & Privilege; other related topics.

CONSULTING: Bonnie is available for institutional, office, or individual consulting relating to Diversity, Multiculturalism, Inclusion, and Equity & Justice.  Consultations are a minimum of two days and include interviews and/or focus groups with invested parties, program/curriculum review, teacher training and pedagogy, and a comprehensive evaluation of both the current state of programs/individuals and suggested next steps.

In support of necessary reparations work, all profits from events are donated to Black-led, Black-centered organizations doing healing and anti-racist work.

Don't believe everything you think.

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